Father's Day 2014: This is the Dad Life ... It's How We Live, 24/7!

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This is the Dad Life ... it's how we live, 24/7/365. No more to be said.

Said life is one to be celebrated, whether it's Father's Day or any other day, and whether you're giving props to your own dad or the father of someone you know.

Bottom line, Father's Day is a great opportunity to thank the man who helped raise you. Because those World's Best Dad coffee mugs don't win themselves.

You don't have to be a dad yourself to appreciate this viral video - an oldie but goodie - honoring fathers across the nation on this 15th day of June.

Break out the John Deere and the barbecue and have a good one:

Being a dad isn't easy, but nothing in this world is more worthwhile.

For being there for school pickups to reading before bed, coaching little league and generally just being awesome, we thank all of you dads out there.

On a related note, here are 15 celebrity dads we particularly love:

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