Father Slams Teacher with Baseball Bat After Finding "Sext" Messages to Daughter

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A Perry Hill, Maryland man hit another man with a baseball bat late last week and most folks only have one question for the attacker:

Why didn't he hit him harder?!?

The unnamed 42-year old assailant is the father of a 15-year old who had been receiving texts from her teacher described by the Baltimore County Police Department as representative of an "emotional, inappropriate relationship."

The girl's mother alerted authorities to the texts around 3 a.m. last Thursday.

Later that day, the teacher showed up at the family’s and refused to leave.

That's when the father struck him with a baseball bat, resulting in minor injuries to the teacher.

Thus far, no charges have been filed on other side.

But the Crimes Against Children Unit continues to investigate the incident and the dad could file trespassing charges against the teacher, who has been barred from returning to the home.

The teacher, in turn, could file assault charges against the father.