Brittany Norwood: Alleged Arian Foster Mistress Gives Birth to Son, Claims Running Back is The Father

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Back in January, Brittany Norwood sued Arian Foster, claiming that the Houston Texans' star running back got her pregnant, then refused to pay her medical expenses and attempted to harass her into having an abortion.

Brittany Norwood and Gatsby Foster

Today, Norwood gave birth to Gatsby Alexander Norwood Foster. Not surprisingly, she maintains that the baby looks just like Foster.

According to TMZ, shortly after the delivery, Norwood tweeted, "Gatsby looks identical to my biological father's baby pictures."

Arian is reportedly aware of the birth, but has yet to acknowledge that he is the father. The three-time Pro Bowler claims he has recordings that prove Brittany is lying about at least part of her story.

A paternity hearing is expected to be scheduled in the very near future to determine if Foster is in fact the father.

Thus far, Foster has only addressed the case through his attorney and while the recordings in Foster's possession reportedly prove  that he never tried to force Norwood to have an abortion there is no word as to whether they prove that he never carried on a relationship with the 21-year-old University of Houston senior.

Foster is married and has one child by his wife, Romina Foster, meaning that the arrival of Gatsby could be less than great news for the Texans' fan favorite.

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