Blossom Cast: Where Are They Now?

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It's hard to believe it's been 20 years since Blossom Russo and her family graced our living rooms, mostly because that means we're 20 years older than when we first watched Blossom. 

That also means there's an entire generation of people on the planet who don't get the joke when we say "WHOA!


To celebrate the occasion, and to launch the series into syndication, The Hub television network got the cast together for a little walk down memory lane. 

Take a look at the Blossom cast now:

Mayim Bialik, in addition to starring in The Big Bang Theory, went on to get a PhD in neuroscience and became a champion of attachment parenting, authoring books and being open about her lifestyle. 

As the only other cast member to find success in front of the camera, Joey Lawrence can now be seen on ABC Family's series Melissa and Joey

Ted Wass, aka Nick Russo, who was not available for The Hub's photoshoot, decided not to return to acting after Blossom was canceled. Instead, he found his calling behind the camera as a director and producer working on shows such as Two and a Half Men and Melissa and Joey

It hasn't been pretty for Michael Stoyanov and Jenna Von Oy, neither of whom have been able to find the same level of success they once celebrated.

Stoyanov, who played troubled brother Anthony, left the series before it ended to take a job as a comedy writer with Conan O'Brien, a move he later said he regretted. After studying at Chicago's Second City theatre, he has pursued writing screenplays, both for television and film, and has earned accolades for his efforts.

Jenna Von Oy, Blossom's airheaded best friend Six Lemeure, added "mother" to her resume' in 2012. With several bit parts on the small screen and a non-starting country music career, she remains mostly forgotten. 

That is, until Blossom's syndication run begins on July 7. 

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