Ava London, Hank Baskett Mistress, Reveals Payoff Plot: He Gave Me $2K to Zip It!

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Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson's alleged home wrecker, transsexual model Ava London, is back and revealing even more about her supposed tryst with Hank.

London tells Radar that the very same seek Wilkinson gave birth to the pair's second child, Hank paid her $2,000 in an attempt to keep her quiet about their affair.

Hank Baskett cheated on Kendra, supposedly, with Ava Sabrina London in April.

Allegedly showing up at her condominium in Sherman Oaks, Calif., after meeting her online, the ex-pro athlete engaged in mutual masturbation with her.

The transsexual, who discussed that dalliance in great detail yesterday, now says that Hank had absolutely no intention of cooling things off with her after that.

“He told me he’d keep in touch and we’d see each other again,” Ava London said.

“After Hank and I first met he did call me a couple times to see how I was doing and it was very short and vague, but we did plan on meeting again."

He said he would "take care of" London too, in other words pay for her silence.

Unbeknownst to Wilkinson, London claims Hank planned on using his former Playmate wife’s hard-earned fortune for his own personal pleasure.

“Hank wasn’t specific on how he would take care of me, but he promised to take care of me financially,” she said of her satisfied sort-of client.

Soon enough, he called to set up a not-at-all-shady meeting:

“Hank called me around June 4 to meet at a gas station so he could give me money and he kept insisting on it and I said no I wasn’t going to meet him there."

"So he ended up coming to my place and he left $2,000.”

So no one would see the drop-off, London says, the former NFL player also left it where only she would know where to find it, in a coffee cup by the pool.

He also paid her after the initial hand job she gave him that day in April. “Since I first met Hank,” said London, “he’s given me about $2,500 in cash.”

Money well spent, since she spilled anyway. Sorry Kendra.

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