Artificial Vaginas: Coming to a Hospital Near You!

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New advances have contributed mightily to the impressive evolution of prosthetics, which as of this spring includes vaginas, according to news reports.

A New York Magazine piece documents advancements in regenerative medicine over the years, including some in areas you would never see coming.

During an interview Wednesday, author Matthew Giles explained to the Huffington Post how exactly artificial vaginas are created, and it's ... interesting.

"You’re taking cells from external genitalia," he starts to explain.

"You’re creating ... this scaffolding that you place the cells on, and then you implant it to actually create the cavity, and the body takes to it," Giles said.

Astonishingly, after taking part in this, "Two of the four women that have undergone this procedure at Wake Forest [University] were able to menstruate."

That's great news. And speaking of artificial vaginas ...

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