Ariana Grande BLASTS Haters Following Marilyn Monroe Birthday Tweet

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Ariana Grande's "Problem" video is blowing up the web and well on its way to become the pop hit of the summer, but it seems the singer has a different sort of problem on Twitter. 

Ariana posted tweets and Instagram photos Sunday to honor the 88th birthday of Marilyn Monroe (June 1, 1926-August 5, 1962).

The 20-year-old Grande is apparently a fan of the late actress and hashtagged her photos with "#misunderstood" and "#innocentrebel."

Some fans responded negatively to the posts, deriding Marilyn as a "hoe" and expressing their belief that Ariana shouldn't be encouraging young fans to admire such a troubled figure.

Well, it seems Ariana was less than pleased by these reactions, dropping her squeaky-clean persona for a moment to let the world know how she felt in no uncertain terms:

"So much hate for celebrating Marilyn's spirit on her birthday," Grande wrote in a tweet that was later deleted. "I adore her work and have compassion for her inner sadness that she covered up on a daily basis that a--holes like you made her feel on a daily basis."

Ariana continued: "Judging her for her wildly rumored personal life (which is truly no one else's business) is just a distraction from her talent."

"I truly do feel sorry for you because when you've been dead for 50 some odd years... nobody will be wishing you a happy birthday."


There's a bit of irony in Ariana defending Marilyn's right to privacy while publicly speculating about the actress' "inner sadness," but we understand her point that Monroe's troubled personal life shouldn't overshadow the terrific body of work she left behind.

Though one of the most famous actresses Hollywood has ever produced, Marilyn has become something of a controversial figure in recent years, as many believe young starlets should be discouraged from identifying with such a tragic figure.

Megan Fox had a Marilyn Monroe tattoo removed from her arm in 2011, following her realization that the iconic actress was "disturbed."

Guess she'll have one less problem without it ... or something:

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