16 & Pregnant Recap: Meet Jordan Cashmyer and Savon Looney!

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Monday on 16 & Pregnant, we met Jordan Cashmyer, a teen from Maryland who got knocked up and chose to be homeless to be with her man.

We were also introduced to Savon Looney, whose ex ditched her ASAP.

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Jordan’s boyfriend Derek is the father of her baby, and they were living with her parents until Derek lost his job and the family kicked him out.

That's when Jordan made the decision to move out and never talk to her parents again after they booted her boyfriend, so ... here they are.


Broke, without a place of their own and “couch surfing” through friends' places like there's no tomorrow, they seem very misguided and lost.

Derek feels this is somehow her fault, even as he admits to her, “I hate condoms. I don’t like the word, I don’t like the idea. It’s like punishment.”


Shortly after being turned down by Jordan’s grandma, Derek’s dad calls and tells the couple that he has a friend, Tracy, who is willing to take them in.

Tracy seems awesome and things are going better until their car breaks down and Jordan and Derek get stuck inside the house for a few days.

This leads to a fight and an argument about why Derek doesn't try to get a job, but they make up in time for her baby shower as he swears he will try.

Soon enough, Jordan starts leaking amniotic fluid and after nine hours of contractions, Jordan gives birth to a little baby girl named Genevieve Shae.

At that point, Tracy finds out the house she's been renting is being sold at the end of her lease, which gives her and her family 30 days to leave.

That includes Derek, Jordan, and their newborn. Tracy is also less sympathetic than before since Derek plays video games and doesn't look for jobs.

To the rescue comes Derek's dad, who offers them a two-bedroom apartment in Texas AND a job working with him. So off they go, for now.

“I do not regret Genevieve, but I do regret having her at such a young age,” Jordan says, and we have a feeling that she may echo that more often.

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Moving on to Savon Looney, she got pregnant by a dude named Eli who absolutely drops off the face of the earth after finding out that she is pregnant.

Eli is a bit of a “ladies man” who dropped her like it's hot and even when he learned she was pregnant, just told her to abort the baby and move on.

Savon reveals she debated having an abortion early on, but did not do so.

When we see her she is already dating a new guy, Mauwi, a college student who plays basketball and who seems to get along with Savon very well.

Mauwi knows that Savon is pregnant with another man’s baby, and he doesn't care. He also respects her wishes not to have sex until marriage again.

Well, for a time. He starts to pressure her as her due date nears, and when she says she's “traumatized” from getting pregnant and isn't ready, he's frustrated.

With her aunt (with whom she lives) on vacation and Mauwi back in school, Savon goes into labor during an ice storm while living with her cousins.

Savon welcomes baby boy Eden Lavon with only her cousin by her side.

Savon text messaged Eden’s father just 30 minutes after he was born, but he did not respond. She did not invite Mauwi over to see him, tellingly.

The mom later admitted that realizing Mauwi was not Eden’s father was very difficult on her, and it forced even more distance between them.

When Mauwi stops by during a trip home from school, he seems stoked to meet Eden, but she can't lead him on any longer and ends things.

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