16 & Pregnant Recap: Meet Courtney Ames and Savannah Mooney!

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In two episodes of MTV's 16 & Pregnant Monday, viewers were introduced to young mothers Courtney Ames and Savannah Mooney. Their lives? Complicated.

Courtney, a senior in high school from Woodland Park, Colorado, lives with her father and older sister. She got pregnant by her boyfriend Scott.

Courtney Ames Pic

She had been wearing a purity ring, but Courtney gave in to temptation and began having sex with Scott. Without protection too, it would appear.

Courtney’s parents were obviously very disappointed in this, but they say Courtney’s unplanned pregnancy actually helped her relationship with God.

Not only did she started reading the Bible and praying more, she made a vow to become abstinent until her and Scott got married. That's ambitious.

Scott, 19, works full time and even has his own two bedroom apartment. She agrees to move in despite her reservations about giving in to sexual temptations.

Weeks before their baby is due, they find out that their son, Dayton, will be born with a cleft lip. Courtney herself needed seven surgeries for this.

Dayton Cash is born at 7 lbs with a cleft lip, but there are no signs of a cleft palate, which is a huge relief for Courtney. One surgery ought to fix the lip!

All is not well, though, as Courtney becomes increasingly upset with Scott for not helping more with the baby. For his part, he's upset at the abstinence.

On top of this, Courtney realizes that Scott can sometimes go days without holding Dayton, which he explains by saying he wants his baby to be independent.

Nice try. By the end of the hour, Courtney shares that she feels her and Scott’s views are pulling them apart. Will they be able to make it work for Dayton?

Our second Teen Mom-to-be of the night is Savannah Mooney, a 17-year-old from Jefferson City, Missouri who describes herself as shy and artsy.

Savannah Mooney Pic

When we meet her, Savannah is pregnant with her ex-boyfriend Stone’s baby. They were friends for three years before being romantic, but it fizzled.

Stone does seem to want his child and his child's mother to be well taken care of, and unlike Scott, he is able to discuss a sensible parenting plan.

Of course, things get ugly and we're reminded of their tender ages when he storms out of her baby shower and proceeds to go holler at girls with a pal.

Savannah knows that they are not together as a couple or anything, but confronts him about meeting girls anyway, which just irritates him further.

She goes on a group date and has a connection with a boy named Taylor, meanwhile ... well until he shoots her down because of the baby inside her.

Savannah is also devastated by her mom’s failure to remain sober, and eventually turns to Stone for emotional support as it's time to get the baby out.

Savannah then gives birth to her son, Rowan James, and is immediately in need of a rescue from Stone after her mom's drinking becomes volatile.

At last, her mom agrees to go to AA meetings and try harder to be there for her and her grandson, Rowan. Think she can make good on that promise?