Summer Rewis Catches Husband D.J. Cheating with Makala Peters, Rocks Her Damn Head

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It’s been a tough week for 16 and Pregnant star Summer Rewis, after catching her husband cheating IN their Georgia home ... and assaulting his mistress.

The high school junior, who appeared on last night's episode of the MTV hit docu-series, came home to find husband D.J. Rewis, 18, with another woman.

Upon catching DJ with Makala Peters in their bed, Summer Rewis said, “Don’t worry, I whipped her a$$. I got on that b***h [and] rocked her damn head.”

“I walked in and he had another b!tch in my house,” the 16-year-old mother of 6-month-old son Peyton Daniel told fans on her Ask (dot) fm page.

“She looked like she seen a damn ghost,” the teen continued. “Don’t worry, I got mine! She probably thinks I’m the most psychotic person she’s ever seen.”

Sounds like a job well done ... in an unfortunate way.

While she initially contemplated divorcing D.J. Rewis for straying, the star eventually said she and her spouse were “gonna try to work things out.”

“Hopefully things will be okay,” she posted. “People may think I’m stupid for going back. He done it because he thought I was doing it. He made a mistake."

"It’s not easy for me to let it go, but we’re trying.”

Despite the alleged physical altercation, Makala Peters did not file any complaints with the local sheriff’s department or police against Summer Rewis.

Probably for the best, if she wants to avoid a second ass whomping from a woman (girl?) scorned. Clearly Summer is not someone you want to beef with.

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