Some Guy Actually Gets KFC Double Down Tattoo: See the Photo!

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What is it about fast food chains and the desire of some grown men to have memories of them inked on to their skin forever?

First, there was the dude in Norway who got a McDonald's receipt tattooed on to his forearm.

And now there's the anonymous guy on YouTube who has a photo of the KFC Double Down etched on his body.

KFC Double Down Tattoo

Featured in a commercial for the restaurant (below), the bushy-faced individual says he got a Double Down on a date with his girlfriend and "I guess that's how it all started."

Sure. Makes sense.

Based on that logic, it's a wonder why more guys don't have sirloin steaks or chicken parmesan sub tattoos all over their bodies.

"It's a tattoo that people will always ask about," the man says of his skin art. "And it's funny, so."

So... yeah. He left it there.

Is this the most ridiculous tattoo in the history of tattoos? It actually has competition...

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