Selena Gomez Miscarriage Story: A Step Too Far?

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On April Fool's Day, THG claimed Selena Gomez was pregnant.

But it was April Fool's Day, we quickly owned up to the joke and we didn't allege Gomez MISCARRIED JUSTIN BIEBER'S BABY.

Sadly, the latest issue of In Touch Weekly cannot make such claims.

In one of the more despicable examples of a supermarket tabloid being all supermarket tabloid-y, the magazine screams on its latest cover that Selena is ... wait for it ...


The affiliated story goes on to say Gomez got pregnant by Justin Bieber in 2012 and “wanted [to keep the] baby” because was a “sign she and Justin should be together forever.

Bieber and his team feared the child would sully his “clean image,” however, believing it would “would take away from his reputation as a heartthrob if he were walking around with a baby carrier at 18."

But this problem sadly resolved itself because Selena supposedly suffered a miscarriage about two months into this pregnancy.

An anonymous "friend" reveals to the publication that the singer subsequently "went into a complete downward spiral" that eventually led to her stint in rehab this year.

Are you buying any of this nonsense?

Bieber, of course, has been accused of fathering babies in the past; first by someone named Mariah Yeater in October 2010; and then a year ago by an unnamed woman who said her child with Bieber was already three years old.

Shockingly, neither story was ever validated.

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