Ryan Gosling-Macaulay Culkin Inception Continues; Minds Blown Across Internet

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Prepare to have your minds shattered, people.

What we have here is a photo of Ryan Gosling ... apparently wearing a shirt emblazoned with a photo of Macaulay Culkin wearing a shirt of Ryan Gosling.

Wearing a photo of Macaulay Culkin. Trippy.

Ryan Gosling Macaulay Culkin Shirt

You're probably wondering at this point:

  1. How many levels of Ryan Gosling-Macaulay Culkin Inception one can descend into before one falls into a semi-permanent limbo
  2. Whether this is Photoshopped

Answers? We don't know, and probably, based on the fact that Ryan's expression, stance and the angle in which he is seen in both images appears identical:

Macaulay Culkin Ryan Gosling Shirt

It matters little in the end, however.

The Macaulay photo is 100 percent real, so regardless of the latest Gosling image, what you are experiencing is a mind-bending paradox of the two actors.

Do not question it. Just take heed.

Will Culkin respond with yet another shirt featuring the new pic? Will his band change its name to Ryan Gosling Underground? Is the top still spinning?

So many questions. So many.

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