One Direction Respond to Pot Controversy: Someone Stole Our Video!

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Well, they may not have an explanation for why Louis Tomlinson used the N-word in the now-famous weed-smoking footage, but at least One Direction's PR team has figured out how the clip went public.

According to lawyers for the band the video of Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson smoking pot that was leaked last night was stolen from the boys by someone seeking to turn a profit.  

If they know the identity of the thief, they're not divulging it at this time, but they are gunning for the guy who ganked the tape and the attorneys involved are promising to pursue full legal action in the very near future.

The question of how the video was stolen is an interesting one, and 1D's tight-lipped lawyers have offered no information in that regard as of yet.

Was the thief someone so trusted by the band that he's allowed access to their phones and computers, or are Zayn and the boys so old school they recorded the video on an actual tape?

The controversy brings to mind the Jay Z-Solange Knowles fight from earlier this month.

In that case, the employee who leaked the Solange fight video was fired from the Standard Hotel and may now face criminal prosecution.

So we hope whoever stole the footage in this instance received a major payday for exposing Zayn and Louis as a couple of goofy (and possibly racist) potheads. He'll certainly pay a high price for doing so. 

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