North West Poses in Front of Flower Wall, Coos on Camera

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Totally. Adorable.

While wishing moms around the world a very happy Mother's Day yesterday, Kim Kardashian posed with North West, the cute reason she was able to celebrate this holiday for the first time herself in 2014.

She also raved about the present gifted to her by fiance Kanye West: an enormous, three-dimensional wall of flowers in front of which Nori sits here:

North West and Flowers

Kim also posted a video to Instagram that gave fans a look around all sides of the strong-smelling structure.

She carried her 11-month old in her arms as she did so, giving fans their first listen to the child.

Click Play and listen to Nori coo over this beautiful creation now:

AWWWW-inspiring, no?

We can't even think of a joke to make at Kardashian's expense in this case. So we'll just post even more adorable shots of her daughter instead:

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