Michael Jace Appears in Court, Faces Official Murder Charge

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Michael Jace appeared in court on Thursday and was officially charged for the murder of his wife.

The actor, best known for his role as a police officer on FX's The Shield, called 911 on Monday night and allegedly confessed to shooting April Jace multiple times.

He remained on the line with an operator until authorities arrived at the scene and took him into custody.

Jace, 51, spoke just once while in court yesterday, confirming that he wanted his arraignment delayed until a June 18 hearing. Bail was then set at $2 million.

If found guilty, Jace could face 50 years behind bars.

Jace’s lawyer did not answer specific questions, only saying his client is chiefly concerned over the well-being of his children.

Reports confirm that the couple's two kids, both under the age of 10, were at home at the time of the incident. But it remains unclear whether they actually witnessed their father allegedly shooting their mother.

Detective Dean Vinluan says there had been no reports of domestic violence between the Jaces, but the actor has been under fiscal pressure in recent years.

He filed for bankruptcy in 2011 and Jace has been delinquent on mortgage payments as recently as December.

Jace is also accused of violence against his ex-wife, while an acquaintance says the actor has dealt with major anger issues in the past.

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