Michael Jace: Anger Issues, Alleged History of Violence Surface

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New information has to come to light regarding Michael Jace.

The actor, who was arrested this morning for the murder of his wife, possesses an alleged history of violence.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, a friend of Jace’s ex-wife (Jennifer Bitterman) testified during the star’s divorce proceedings in 1997 that Jace choked Bitterman and slammed her against a wall at one point.

The friend says she witnessed this ugly incident and that it took place in front of the couple's six-month old child.

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The unnamed friend also says there were multiple occasions of domestic violence and that "seeing the extent of [Jace’s] anger was one of the most terrifying things I have ever seen."

Jace called 911 last night from his home in Los Angeles and admitted to shooting wife April.

He was taken into custody and charged this morning with murder.

Insiders say the couple often argued over their finances, as Jace filed for bankruptcy in 2011 and was behind is currently behind on his mortgage payments.

Of sad note, meanwhile, is the revelation that April Jace actually testified as well in Michael’s 1997 divorce.

She told the judge that Jace provided a stable home for his child, defending him overall as a father.

Tragically, Jace's alleged shooting of April reportedly took place in front of their young kids last night. Authorities eventually arrives at the crime scene and transported the toddlers to a relative's home.

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