Man Gets Epic Little Mermaid Tattoo on Chest: You Have to See This!

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Say hello to a man who is over-the-top crazy in love with going under the sea.

His name is Mark Barela and he has debuted a new piece of body art on Instagram, one done by artist Matthew Tillman and one that makes us sort of glad that Mark isn't part of our world.

No offense to the guy, but... well... just see his ENORMOUS Little Mermaid tattoo for yourself:

Little Mermaid Tattoo

Unlike the guy who got a KFC Double Down tattoo on his person in order to star in an ad for that chain, it's unclear what motivated Barela to show such permanent affection for Ursula and Ariel.

But the man clearly loves Disney, as evidenced by another inking on his hand:

Mark Barela Tattoo

Will he come to regret these tattoos? It's hard to say. (YES.)

But, hey, they aren't the nuttiest tattoos we've seen on the Internet over the past few weeks. To wit: