Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Are Stevie J and Joseline Faking It?

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 4 saw Stevie and Joseline put their wedding plans on hold to take care of business, only to see that backfire.


Since their alleged legal ceremony at city hall, Stevie J professed that he wanted to give Joseline a second chance at the big wedding she’s always dreamed of.

Before he can do that, though, he needs to earn money to blow on her. Which means they both have to go back to work, and she's not doing so hot.

Perhaps Joseline is to blame ... or Joseline’s booking agent is to blame.

Dawn was fired without notice or even a phone call, yet Stevie J wanted his “wife” to treat this lady in a professional manner as he predicted fallout.

Oh, how right he was, as she dished on them to ... Mimi Faust!

Not that Mimi is in a position to talk (remember the Mimi sex tape with Nikko Smith), but given her status with Stevie J, this gave her much needed ammo.

Also revealing too much? Karlie Redd, who admitted to her friends that she did flirt with her supposedly good guy friend just to make her boyfriend jealous.

Karlie was tired of her man continuing to flirt with women in front of her and wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine. That always ends well.

Joc arrived for a meeting saying he wasn’t going to get back together with his ex, but Karlie promised great sex, so therefore they are back together.

Kurt, meanwhile, wants to hire a stranger to be his nanny, despite recently telling Rasheeda to stay home taking care of the baby, and not asking her.

As a result, Rasheeda arrived at home to find a stranger holding her baby ... a stranger who said that Kurt had told her he was separated. Obviously.

Tragically, Bambi lost her baby to a miscarriage. On the bright side, Momma Dee was there for her and even mentioned marriage to her son, Scrappy.

Later, Stevie J chose to meet with Dawn, who kicked off their meeting by accusing Stevie of fraud and claiming he was in fact broke. Always a good sign.

Stevie fired her but had no idea that Dawn was planning to blab to Mimi that Stevie and Joseline’s marriage was fake went beyond table talk. DRAMA.

The biggest piece of celebrity gossip she claimed to know is that he was offered a cut of Benzino’s magazine based off how their “marriage” cover sold.

If that's true, it could have wide-ranging legal and business implications, beyond just being shady and getting the guy in trouble on the home front.

In the end, Karlie and Joc are still moving in together, despite their obvious issues and security having to break up a melee involving another woman.

And there you have it. Follow the link to watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta online and tell us ... what the heck are all these crazy people possibly thinking?!

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