Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: Mimi Faust Sex Tape "Leaked"?

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 2 once again focused on the Mimi Faust sex tape saga, its origins and aftermath. But who really "Leaked" the XXX video?

On the season premiere two nights earlier, we heard whispers of the infamous sex romp with Nikko Smith, but this episode left nothing to the imagination.

Except, of course, who was responsible for the alleged "leak."

The infamous shower rod bone-a-thon has been causing quite a stir ever since it was revealed in April. It was widely assumed they released it on purpose.

However, last night, as the Mimi Faust sex tape with Nikko Smith hit the Internet, she claimed it was "accidentally" released after someone stole Smith's camera.

Fans just lit up Twitter reacting to that bit of revisionist history.

A sampling of responses from fans believing that Mimi doth protest too much during Wednesday night's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 2:

  • The fact that you @MimiFaust want us to believe that this was an accidental leak bc his bag got stolen really insults me ..... Hoe
  • #LHHATL @MimiFaust you faking like hell you tired of being the Maid they should give you a lie detector test that you won't take. Boo to you
  • @MimiFaust what happened to--"How about I call the cops on you n the guy that STOLE the tape". If it was REALLY stolen.#Love&HipHopProblems
  • Yea right @MimiFaust ! Nikko did it!#LHHATL #loveandhiphopinatlanta
  • And the BET Award for best lie told by a flop couple goes too.. @MimiFaust & Nikko!!!! Congratulations
  • Damn @VH1, y’all got real creative with this ratings grab. I’ll admit it. We can see through @MimiFaust’s F-list acting tho

By all accounts, Mimi and Nikko filmed this either as a storyline for Season 3 or knowing it would be one, then signed off on its release by Vivid (as did producers).

So either they're flat out lying or just trying to make for better TV ... even if fans already know the back story and have caused a shower rod shortage for weeks.

If you watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta online, you'll also see Stevie J, the father of Mimi’s child, confront her about the sex tape. Suffice it to say, he's pissed.

“This is the moment I’ve been dreading, but I knew it had to happen at some point,” Mimi says in a confessional, and it lived up to that ominous billing.

When Mimi and Stevie sit down to dinner together, he pulls out his smartphone and shows Mimi a nude picture of herself and questions her about it.

“That’s you, right?” Stevie J asks. “It looks a little fuzzy, like it might be from a tape or something. It’s you f--kng on tape! Is this from a sex tape or something?”

That it is, Stevie J. That it is.

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