Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: Mimi Faust Made a Sex Tape?!

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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is back for a third season, and it should come as no surprise that the Mimi Faust sex tape will be one of the big time storylines.

Monday's season premiere showed her confess its existence to Ariane and Erica, and the women were stunned ... not by the tape but by her hypocrisy.

Mimi, of course, was quick to tear into Stevie J for his nasty behavior and his inability to be a quality role model to their daughter. Now she ... does this.

While she never said Stevie J was a bad father, the example set by a Mimi Faust sex tape with Nikko Smith can't help but give even her friends pause.

As expected, there was backlash. One cast member suggested Mimi is a porn star for filming the tape. The drama is basically off the chain in the ATL.

There's also the fact that the last time anyone there had heard of Nikko Smith, Mimi was kicking him to the curb. Now she's doing shower rod acrobatics.

No one likes him; the ladies feel Nikko isn’t trustworthy and can’t understand why their friend would leave herself open like that (literally and otherwise)

Ariane says Mimi is dumb when it comes to men. She may have a point.

Later on, Nikko claimed his camera (with numerous videos of Mimi Faust) was stolen, yet he never said a word to Mimi until after he'd made a deal.

Mimi wasn’t happy about his plan, given her daughter and Stevie J.

Maybe she'll come around to the idea eventually when the checks start rolling in? Seems like a plausible theory. Speaking of her baby daddy and more ...

  • Joseline and Stevie J. are happy yet she wants more. A courthouse wedding wasn't what she dreamed of. Cue the scripted party planning!
  • Stevie and Joseline celebrated their birthdays together. The only awkward part came when they were asked if their wedding was really legal.
  • We meet newbie Tammy, Waka Flocka Flame's fiance, and learn about their issues. Read: he cheated and she’s had to find a way to forgive.
  • Their wedding will not be small.
  • Lil Scrappy was in rehab when things got particularly effed up between him and Erica, who has met someone else since they drifted apart.
  • Momma Dee is back tells Scrappy that his new piece Bambi has another man out in LA ... and told Bambi that Lil Scrappy has chicks on the side.
  • Rasheeda had her baby and Kirk is helping take care of the youngest, but they aren’t really back together, even if he's staying with her.

What did you think of the premiere? Click through the sexy pics above, if you dare, or watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta online by following the link below:

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