Little Girl Dumps Boyfriend, Takes Him to Task in Hilarious Note

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Kids. They're the best. So honest, and never afraid to speak their minds.

Or in this case, write down their deep thoughts by hand in notes that go viral online when their parents share them on social media. Long live the Internet!

Apparently young Rachel agreed to go out with a boy named Shawn, but Shawn has not exactly stepped up to the plate since she agreed to be his girlfriend.

To put it mildly. And she's grown awfully tired of his (non) actions.

Let's just say that if communication is the crux of a lasting relationship, this little guy has a tough road ahead of him unless he reads this note and takes heed:

Little Girl's Breakup Note

You heard the woman, Shawn. If you want to get mareed one day go ahead, but it won't be to her ... or anyone else for long if you keep on ignoring your partner.

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