Kim Goldman, Sister of Ron Goldman, Implies Kim Kardashian's Dad Hid O.J. Murder Weapon

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Was Kim Kardashian‘s father (and confidante of accused killer O.J. Simpson) Robert Kardashian Sr. involved in a cover up? Kim Goldman is implying just that.

Kim is the sister of Ron Goldman, the friend of Nicole Brown Simpson who was slain with her in 1994. O.J. was charged and tried, but found not guilty.

Many people (okay, almost everybody) think he did it, however; a wrongful death civil lawsuit found him liable for more than $33 million, in fact.

One of the reasons O.J. walked in the criminal case? The murder weapon was never found. Kim Goldman addresses that very fact in a new interview.

O.J. Simpson, Robert Kardashian

Kim Kardashian's father was spotted by television cameras taking a Louis Vuitton garment bag out of his mansion the day after the murders took place.

Some trial watchers speculated that the bag could have contained a Simpson murder weapon, and other physical evidence that never saw the light of day.

Kim Goldman tells Radar that the Kardashian family patriarch “absolutely could have gotten rid of the murder weapon" and it would not even surprise her.

“I have always wondered what was in his  [O.J. Simpson’s] luggage bag, and if it did indeed hold the murder weapon that was used to kill my brother and Nicole."

"Robert Kardashian certainly had motive to help him get rid of the evidence.”

During the trial, prosecutors hoped to call Kardashian to testify about the contents of the bag, but when it was formally entered into evidence, it was empty.

He cited attorney-client privilege to avoid testifying in the case altogether.

Kim Kardashian’s dad died in 2003 of esophageal cancer, only weeks after being diagnosed. He and Kris Jenner had divorced a few years earlier.

They had four children - Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and Robert Kardashian Jr. - although tabloids have often mused that Khloe may have a different father.

There was even one rumor that claimed O.J. is Khloe's father.

But that's neither here nor there. In any case, Kim Goldman doesn’t harbor any hatred towards the Kardashians, despite capitalizing off of their father’s name.

“I don’t feel any ill will towards the Kardashians or any of his children,” Goldman said. “It’s America, and good for them for becoming so successful.

"It’s not the kids fault that their dad was best friends with a killer.”

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