Kate Middleton: Pregnant at 98 Pounds!?!

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Kate Middleton is pregnant, yet weighs only 98 pounds, according to a shameless new report that proves you can never assume tabloids have hit bottom.

It's been quite the week for the Duchess. One she'd likely rather forget if she reads any celebrity gossip magazines, which we're hoping she doesn't.

First, a freak gust of wind allowed some paparazzo to snap a Kate Middleton upskirt photo and a German tabloid ran the image of her (bare!) derriere.

Now, Life & Style has come out with this nonsense on its latest cover:

Kate Middleton: 98 Lbs.! Pregnant!

Yes, another Kate Middleton pregnant story, on the heels of earlier reports that she's expecting twin girls. Only in this case, she's in so shape for that.

She is down below 100 pounds, if you believe this cover, which takes one (admittedly bad) photo of her naturally thin frame and invents that figure.

Oh, but that's not all. The article promises to reveal, in detail, the gritty truth behind Kate's alleged secret health battle, which includes the ...

  • PANIC! William had to call in "top" doctors for this apparently.
  • CRISIS! She's been confined to the palace for 27 days! 27!
  • BRAVERY! Kate's willing to risk EVERYTHING for a baby.

Stop. Just stop, Life & Style.

We love gossip as much as anyone, but this is played out and in poor taste. She's obviously in very good shape and almost certainly not expecting.

You think the Kim Kardashian wedding dress was modeled after a 98-pound emaciated woman? We think not. See gallery below. She looks amazing.

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