Kate Middleton: Hacked 155 Times By News of the World Editor!

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Former News of the World editor Clive Goodman hacked Kate Middleton's phone 155 times beginning in 2005, according to a shocking new report.

Goodman, one of seven defendants on trial for the paper's phone hacking scandal, also hacked Prince William 35 times and Prince Harry on nine occasions.

He returned to the trial to resume giving evidence after an extended period away due to illness, and made it worth the wait for celebrity gossip enthusiasts.

Goodman says he hacked Kate Middleton on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day in 2005, and in August 2006, the day before he got arrested.

Prince William's voicemail was first intercepted in January 2006, a little more than five years before he and Kate tied the knot in April 2011's royal wedding.

Goodman denied he had "forgotten" about targeting the royals when he said earlier in the trial that he had only hacked aides working for the royals.

Upon his return to the witness box this week, he was accused of being more heavily involved in this royal phone hacking than he previously asserted.

He denies deceiving officials, saying he had been as "open and honest" as possible and that no one asked him questions about hacking the royals.

The prosecutor wasn't buying it, saying: "You knew perfectly well you hacked Prince Harry and Prince William didn't you?" He replied: "Nobody asked me."

Why target Kate Middleton, he was asked under cross examination. His reply:

"She was a figure of increasing importance around the Royal Family."

"There were discussions about her and Prince William marrying, moving in, settling down. She had started to receive semi-royal status and things were moving on."

Indeed they were. No way that justifies hacking her, but indeed they were. Just be glad he's not still at it now looking to confirm those baby number two rumors ...

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