Kandi Burruss Tries, Fails to Make Like Mimi Faust with Shower Rod Moves

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It seems like everyone is trying to channel Mimi Faust, whose steamy sex tape scene with boyfriend Nikko Smith led to a nationwide shower rod shortage.

The VH1 reality stars' raunchy romp, which was revealed on last night's Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 3 Episode 1, left quite an impression on fans.

Even The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kandi Burruss is getting in on it:

Kandi wrote on Instagram, along with her funny Instagram antics:

"I was trying to figure out how @Mimifaust was able to pull up on that shower rod.... I think I weigh too much for this! #HumpDayWeds #ItsTimeForKKNtocomeback

#I need a #MiMiShowerRod. Where do they sell those? #ThisIsWhatHappensWhenToddGoesOutOfTown #ImPerfectingMyTricksForWhenToddGetsBack Lol!"

Alas, we can't all make Mimi sex tape reenactments.

At least not without the proper equipment, and we're not talking about what Nikko Smith is packing. Okay, this is getting a little graphic. Let's move on. Bottom line:

  1. Mimi and Nikko go have some serious sex in the shower.
  2. A hardcore shower rod holds Mimi up during that scene.
  3. Those intense rods are big time sellers at Home Depot!
  4. Don't try this with the one that came with your home.

So go grab yourself a #MimiRod if you're feeling adventurous tonight, and watch Love & Hip Hop Atlanta online by following the TV Fanatic link below:

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