Justin Bieber to Photographers: Give Me Space!

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With the Cannes Film Festival underway, Justin Bieber is doing everything in his handsome power to divert attention from the world of movies to the world of his muscles.

First, Bieber rapped Tupac at a nightclub on Monday. While not wearing a shirt, of course.

Then, the half-naked artist took to the streets of France and got annoyed when a bevy of photographers got too close when trying to snap his picture.

And we all know much Justin Bieber hates having his photo taken.

Watch him snap at some cameramen here:

Bieber does seem relatively calm in the footage, and we're not about to really take the side of the paparazzi.

But if you really want space, Justin? If you really wish to be left alone?

Do not attend the world's most popular film festival. And at least wear a shirt while walking around during it. Sheesh.


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