Justin Bieber Offered $1 MILLION to Shill for Hustler Strip Clubs

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Considering the week Justin Bieber has been having, you'd think the singer would be in danger of losing sponsorship deals.

He's been accused of trying to steal a cell phone. He's been caught cursing off a fan. And he's been sued by a photographer.

But these actions have apparently endeared the artist to notorious pornography king Larry Flynt.

Justin Bieber on the Street

In a letter obtained by Dish Nation, the Hustler Magazine founder has offered Bieber $1 million to serve as a spokesperson for his strip clubs, as the establishments are launching a campaign to stop "outsourcing visits to strip clubs and from now on buy only American."

We'll ignore, for the moment, the fact that Bieber is Canadian.

In the letter to the singer, Flynt's Hustler Club Director of Marketing David Lieberman says he wants to stage a 21st birthday party for Bieber and his dad Jeremy next March, writing to Scooter Braun:

"Justin will set a good and safe example to his remaining fans by advocating a legal and safe way to satisfy their sexual desires when they finally reach the legal age of 21."

The letter adds:

“Just imagine the street cred Justin will receive when he escorts one of our HUSTLER Club Centerfolds to the next big championship fight," a reference to Bieber's penchant for attending boxing matches in Las Vegas.

Hustler is also proposing that Bieber star in a commercial for its brand.

Bieber, of course, reportedly dropped 75K at a Miami strip joint in January... so we know he likes to watch naked ladies.

Why not profit from doing so instead of losing money on the endeavor?

It's something for Justin to think about. Should he accept Flynt's offer?


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