Jill Duggar, Derek Dillard Meet For the First Time in Awkward Video: Watch Now!

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Jill Duggar got engaged to Derek Dillard last month and they'll likely start churning out an army of children of their own soon.

But while Jill and Derek share very traditional values, their relationship is all thanks to modern technology.

Jill Duggar and Derek Dillard communicated online for several months before they met in person and in a new clip from 19 Kids & Counting we get to see what it was like when the two finally saw each other to face.

In a word: awkward! Not only is Derek clearly uncomfortable on camera, he has to meet his longtime girlfriend and his girlfriend's dad at the same time!

So we can't blame Derek for being a bit nervous, not only is he finally seeing his future wife in the flesh, she and her dad flew all the while to Nepal to meet this dude.

To top it all off, Derek finds himself in the unique position of being an instant reality star.

Talk about pressure. Bad enough Derek has to learn the names of his 18 soon-to-be brother and sister-in-laws.

Oh, and Jill's mom may not be done procreating just yet. Michelle Duggar is hoping for baby number 20 in the near future.

One more mouth to feed for the Duggars, one more Christmas present to shell out for for Derek. You sure you know what you're getting yourself into, man?


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