Jenelle Evans Shares 4D Sonogram Photo of Son: Cute or Creepy?

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Jenelle Evans has upped the selfie ante again with photo of her son, Kaiser Griffith, from his most recent 4D sonogram. That's right, a selfie before he's even born.

You can clearly see little Kaiser’s face. How cute ... right?

Jenelle Evans 4D Sonogram Photo

Though his eyes are still closed, the little boy's arm is crossed over his midsection as if he’s trying to wave hello (or just make some more room up in there).

“Mr. Kaiser Griffith,” Evans captioned the ultrasound photo.

Jenelle is due to give birth to her second child, and first with boyfriend Nathan Griffith, on June 29. As her due date draws near, the photos are off the hook!

With this latest effort, one can only imagine what Jenelle Evans will share with her fans once the delivery begins ... let alone once little Kai is actually born.

Sonograms and showers, though? Borderline TMI, J.

There's no denying they're in a good place these days, though.

Just last month, rumors surfaced that Jenelle and Nathan were looking to put their baby for adoption, which wasn't true, but sure seemed believable.

Now they're madly in love and taking shower selfies together.

There will be no putting Kaiser up for adoption, just as she kept Jace. She has already named him, and has been sharing photos of her belly non-stop.

Seriously. We're talking so many selfies that we have multiple galleries of them, organized by category. This is a woman who loves some social media.


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