Jenelle Evans: Partying While Eight Months Pregnant?!

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Did Jenelle Evans revert into her party girl ways over the weekend? It wouldn't be a stretch to assume so, but she insists reports to that effect are B.S.

She was out bar-hopping with her baby daddy Nathan Griffith and some other friends over the weekend, despite being due to give birth next month.

Jenelle Evans insists she was just the DD, however.

The Carolina Hurricane re-tweeted a photo that one of her friends posted of their night out Saturday, then hit back at the obligatory backlash on Twitter.

Seriously, people ... Jenelle Evans, designated driver?

We never thought we'd hear those two things used in the same sentence, other than maybe "Jenelle Evans should have called a designated driver."

You get the idea. The best part of her Twitter defense is claiming that her mom, Barbara, can vouch for the fact that she doesn't give two f--ks about drinking.

At this point we ALL know she prefers weed and heroin.

To her credit, she and Nathan Griffith are trying to turn things around. When a fan asked Jenelle if he drinks often, she replied "Nope hasn't drank in monthsssss."

Being jailed for his third DUI sent a message, apparently.

They've got a long way to go, but for the moment, they seem to be in a good place and handling life well as they prepare to welcome baby boy Kaiser.

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