Jenelle Evans: Danielle Cunningham LIES About Me For Attention!

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Danielle Cunningham is just lying about Jenelle Evans for attention, the latter claims in response to allegations that Jenelle called her two kids ugly.

Jenelle swears she never insulted the offspring of her fellow 16 and Pregnant alum, who tore her a new one over it, saying it's all a ploy for attention.

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“Where and when did I call her kids ugly?” the Teen Mom 2 star, 22, tweeted in response to Cunningham's allegations. “I would LOVE to f--king know."

"All children [are] innocent and should not be made fun of in any way.”

Evans, expecting her second child, a boy to be named Kaiser, on June 29, then re-tweeted support from her fans - just as Danielle did a day ago.

Danielle Cunningham is “making s--t up for attention,” said one.

The 16 & Pregnant star, who has feuded with Evans before, accused her of taunting her son Jamie Paul Jr., 3, and daughter Jayleigh Rae, 11 months.

“Now Jenelle thinks my kids are ugly? Whaaaat?” she tweeted.

“LOOK AT THEM. THEY ARE FREAKIN PERFECT. She is mentally disturbed!” Danielle wrote, lambasting her sometime rival and inciting her fans.

Jenelle did admit to taking down some recent Tweets (she didn't elaborate on what topic), to avoid triggering an online war ... so much for that.

However, no actual proof of her targeting Danielle's kids has surfaced, and she's apparently pretty fired up that people accused her of such behavior.

In any case, the two stars have been beefing over social media for more than a year, with Danielle calling Jenelle Evans a “lying sack of pig s--t” last year.

Evans released scandalous alleged private messages from Cunningham soon after. So it goes in the land of Twitter insanity that she inhabits.

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