Ellen Niemiec, High School Teacher, Arrested For Having Sex With Three Students in One Night

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High school teachers having sex with students is not a new thing (sadly), but the latest scandal to fall into that category may be the most cringe-worthy yet:

Ellen Niemiec, 29, is married with three young children, but the South Carolina woman is accused of sleeping with not one, not two, but three of her students.

In one night.

Ellen Niemiec Mug Shot

The Cross High School teacher reportedly attended a party on April 11 on school grounds. While there, she was said to have had sex multiple times.

Two of the students she allegedly slept with are 17, while a third is 18.

As a result of the reported love trysts, she was charged with three counts of sexual battery, two of which are felonies because two students were underage.

Some say this pattern of behavior may not be new. Sources allege that Niemiec would talk about sex during class and engaged in "dirty talk" with students.

She allegedly texted nude photos of herself to students, which someone reported to the school, who called the police, who opened an investigation of her.

Wow. Assuming the allegations are true, this story is an all-timer.

Aside from the fact that she did it three times - not exactly a one-off incident followed by instant regret - Ellen Niemiec is a parent of three young children.

Not even her similarly accused counterparts can claim that ...