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Charlize Theron has taken foot-in-mouth disease (also known as Gwyneth-itis) to a whole new level.

Yesterday, many were offended by Paltrow likening online hate to war trauma. Today, we’re guessing those same folks – and probably millions more – will be less than pleased to hear beloved actress Charlize Theron compare Internet gossip to rape.

Charlize Theron Compares Gossip to Rape

In the above clip, the interviewer informs Theron that he Googled her name in preparation for their sit-down and received such scandalous results as "Charlize Theron takes boyfriend out," and "Charlize Theron looks sexy in plunging mini-dress."

Naturally, Theron was shocked by these comments. So shocked that she took the conversation straight into Cringe Town:


Referring to doing online searches for her own name, Theron said: "I don’t do that, so that’s my saving grace. It’s when you start living in that world and start doing that, that’s when you start, I guess, feeling raped."

Yup. Charlize apparently took a look at Gwyneth’s galling analogy from yesterday and said, "I can beat that."

The comment has led many to recall Kristen Stewart’s rape remarks from 2010, in which the actress likened the paparazzi to sex criminals.

Of course, Charlize is dating Sean Penn these days, so perhaps she’s just trying to prove to her new boyfriend that she too can be repugnant and off-putting when speaking with the press.