Celebrity Prom Photos: 19 Throwback Shots You Gotta See to Believe!

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Oh, prom season, that annual, awkward rite of passage we all know and sort of love. Or loved at the time ... or love only now, with the passage of time.

One thing's for sure: Whether you're a movie star, a global head of state or a mere commoner like most of us, prom will live on in photos for generations.

Like it or not.

Even stars aren't immune from hideous rented tuxedos, over-the-top up-dos, corsages, or cringe-inducing poses with dates they may not even talk to six months later.

Ah, prom. Such a wonderful, yet uncomfortable experience.

Check out Michelle Obama showing some skin, some epic '80s fashions on Brad Pitt and George Clooney, a barely recognizable Lady Gaga and many more below:

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