Captain America Sends Penis Photos to Underage Girl, Gets Arrested

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James Weldon Alton, a 29-year-old who played Captain America at Universal Studios, has been arrested after sending lewd photos to an underage girl.

Captain America, Fan

Not unlike the James Franco Instagram scandal, another of America's heroes finds himself embroiled in a saga of unseemly social media activities.

What is this world coming to?

In Alton's case, Captain America got popped on felony charges after allegedly transmitting harmful material to a minor - a 16-year-old girl he met on the job.

The girl posed with Alton at Universal Studios a few weeks ago and posted a pic on Instagram. Alton found it, and soon an online friendship began.

They began exchanging texts as friends, but Alton quickly escalated the "relationship" by sending penis pics and texting about masturbation and "getting into her."

Unlike Franco, who cut off all communication with his would-be paramour when her age was reveled, this happened after the victim told Alton she was 16.

Franco also never sent pics of his junk ... although the virtual treasure trove of James Franco selfies available online leave very little to the imagination.

In any case, after his arrest, Alton told police he thought she was joking about being underage, and that they were just flirting, citing his "poor judgment."

Universal Studios fired Alton, who had worked there since 2010. Lesson learned? Here's a look at other stars caught with their pants down in recent years.