Bethenny Frankel: Jason Hoppy Wants to DESTROY Me!

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Bethenny Frankel faces a bitter custody battle over her four-year-old daughter with ex-husband Jason Hoppy, who she says is out to destroy her.

The entrepreneur and former star of The Real Housewives of New York City wants primary custody of Bryn, while estranged husband Hoppy wants joint custody.

In court Wednesday, the already public breakup took an uglier turn, with Frankel recounting Hoppy's alleged words to her after she filed for divorce.

"He said, 'I'm going to destroy you. I'm going to have you and your publicist crying and crumbling in a corner.'" Frankel, 43, testified before breaking into tears.

"'Now you're going to see what I was like on the basketball court,'" "He said, 'You don't know what it's like to have a family, you'll never have a family. Let's go baby.' "

The two sides dispute who is the better parent, with Frankel and Hoppy accusing the other of an alleged thirst for fame and chronicling its adverse impact on Bryn.

"Bethenny Frankel's priority is Bethenny Frankel," Hoppy's lawyer Bernard Clair told the judge. "In pursuit of career success, she has used the child as a prop."

Hoppy's attorney also charges that Frankel removed all traces of Hoppy from their home and is trying to "relegate the father of her child to a walking sperm bank."

But the former talk show host tells a different story. Frankel says Hoppy, 42, loved living in the spotlight and taping their wedding for her reality series.

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"We did not discuss anything being off-limits," she claims. "He said, 'I would never be able to have a wedding like this if it weren't on television.'"

"Jason embraced family life in the spotlight," Frankel's attorney Allen Mayefsky said, noting that "he puts desire for revenge over his family and child."

Frankel accused the businessman of acting like a doting dad, only he allegedly became verbally abusive, hacked her email account and recorded their conversations.

"He would take bad press about me and put it on the counter," she said, adding that Hoppy left the house in shambles and "would pee and poop and leave it in the toilet."

Not only that, "he would say things [to Bryn] like, 'Mommy should be the witch. She's a great witch. You'll be the princess and I'll be the prince.'"

Frankel also addressed concerns over Bryn's diet, which she said was mostly vegetarian until the breakup, but is now filled with animal proteins, and about religion.

They are expected back in court June 11.

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