Ariana Grande "Problem" Music Video: Released! Retro-Glamorous!

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It's Ariana Grande's world. The rest of us are just living in it. At least it's shaping up that way in 2014 as she continues her domination of the charts.

After conquering iTunes and becoming one of the fastest-selling singles of all time, "Problem" now has an official, retro-glamorous music video.

Check out Ariana's collaboration with Iggy Azalea below!

The Sam & Cat actress has always possessed vocal talent that has even drawn Mariah Carey comparisons, but you can forget about labeling her.

"Problem" is a clear attempt to evolve beyond her good-girl persona ... or at least prove that a good girl can still look hot in revealing leather outfits.

In the video, Ariana Grande rocks a black and white skirt, crop top and now-signature white knee-high boots that have become staples of her live performances.

Looking fierce as ever as she belts out the sexy track, Ariana is joined by up-and-coming rapper Iggy Azalea, who spits game with the best of them.

Iggy's all-black turtleneck outfit makes for an understated, yet sexy look that perfectly compliments Ariana, even if the two seem like polar opposites.

Maybe that's what makes the song such a major earworm ... not to mention the Macklemore-esque sax line plus Big Sean whispering the hook.

Expect this to be certified platinum in a few hours. Watch it above and see what you think, then check out more photos of the talented twosome below!

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