Ariana Grande on Rihanna Diss: She Wasn't Laughing at Me!

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Ariana Grande performed at the iHeartRadio Awards in LA last week and received mixed reactions to her singing and dancing.

Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton were bored by Ariana to the point that it was written all over their faces, and Rihanna actually laughed out loud at Ariana's moves.

Ariana spoke about RiRi's giggle fit in a recent interview and it seems she actually buys Rihanna's excuse that she wasn't laughing at the performance.

"I didn't see her laughing her laughing at me, but when I watched it afterwards it looked like she was just shocked because I was doing something different," said Ariana.

Riiiiight. Shocked people always break out into fits of hysterical laughter.

Apparently, RiRi's official explanation is that she was chuckling at something that one of Ariana's friends said.

Ariana adds, "I thought it was funny that people tried to make such a commotion out of it because she was being playful and supportive if anything."

Playful, supportive, shocked...whatever she was, Rihanna certainly seemed to be enjoying herself. We just hope for Ariana's sake that she was entertained for the the right reasons.

Regardless of your feelings on her dance moves, we can all agree that Ariana is easy on the eyes when she's standing still. See her at her hottest in the gallery below:

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