Amber Portwood: Hated on By Applebee's Waiter, Lashing Out on Twitter

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Amber Portwood has been through a lot in her life, but by all accounts, she is doing better recently, and has cleaned up her act since being let out of prison.

That doesn't mean she doesn't attract her fair share of haters, and then some. Typically it's losers trolling her online, though ... not waiters at Applebee's!

On Tuesday, she Tweeted, "It's kind of terrible when you have to leave Applebee's because one of the waiters are glaring at me with the dirtiest look...sad :-/"

Is the waiter friends with Gary Shirley? Does he watch Teen Mom online but not read celebrity gossip and still assume she's a mess? Is he just a jerk?

We will never know. Of course it could be that she is just paranoid, making up the scenario in her head. It's a scenario more than one fan threw out there.

Not so, Amber Portwood insists, writing:

  • it was really weird ... and the 2 people that were with me were the ones who noticed it first ... made me feel really awkward
  • I don't mind if people look at me ... I love my supporters but people glaring and mean mugging really bothers me ... I'm okay :)

If it's true, then it's really too bad for Amber. She's made mistakes - bad ones - in the past, but people being openly rude to you just because you exist?

On one hand, she chose to become a public figure on MTV. On the other hand, she isn't out clamoring for attention now (unlike, say, Jenelle Evans).

Give her a break, Anderson, Indiana, Applebees staff. Just give her a break. No matter how crazy she used to act on Teen Mom, let her move on ...


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