Adam Lind Cheating on Taylor Halbur; Teen Mom 2 Derelict Dumps Second Baby Mama

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Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska’s baby daddy Adam Lind recently dumped his second baby mama, Taylor Halbur, and the drama between the exes rages on.

Adam Lind and Taylor Halbur

For the uninitiated, Halbur and Lind broke up shortly after she found out that he had been carrying on relationships with other women - Lind's calling card.

“They’re not together,” a source said of the former couple.

“He pretty much just went home one day and said how he was just unhappy and how he didn’t feel like Taylor was there for him and that he was going to leave.”

“Taylor went into his Facebook and he was already talking to two other girls,” the source went on to say. “And then Taylor told him to get out and leave.”

One of his side pieces? None other than Chelsea. Wow.

“Throughout their relationship he was for the most part with [Chelsea Houska] and a few other girls,” the source said, but the final straw was his car crash.

“The last four or five months, they were really good,” the source said. “Adam had a job and was doing treatment. He was sober for like nine months."

"Then his accident happened and he became different.”

After attending a counseling session for Lind’s court mandated treatment as a result of his DUIs, “he was different and didn’t want to hang out with Taylor."

“He was making excuses and going through a phase where he hated Taylor for no reason," even after she picked him up from jail and took him back with open arms.

“Taylor wants it to work out their daughter Paisley, but he’s just so back and forth ... if he got his act together Taylor would maybe consider taking him back."

For now, the Teen Mom 2 derelict is currently “living with a roommate,” the source said, while Halbur is still trying to come to terms with Lind’s affairs.

Good luck with that.

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