16 and Pregnant Season 5 Episode 5 Recap: Meet Summer Rewis!

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Last night on 16 and Pregnant Season 5 Episode 5, we met Summer Rewis of Collins, Ga., and D.J., the boyfriend she met online and got her, well ...

Pregnant. At the tender age of 16. It's how this and Teen Mom work.

Summer Rewis Photo

When we first meet Summer, she is 32 weeks pregnant and decides to move in with D.J. and his parents so that they can welcome their baby boy into a home.

D.J.’s mom Frances makes Summer promise that once the baby is born and everything settles down, she will go back to school and continue her education.

Frances seems willing to help raise D.J. and Summer’s baby so that they can complete their education. Summer's own mom? They have a tough relationship.

Summer meets with her mother, and they have a talk about how she has been sober for three weeks now, which is surprisingly a noteworthy achievement.

We also learn that Summer got pregnant because she was not on birth control, and when she and D.J. ran out of condoms they were just too lazy to buy more.

Wow. Just ... not even a stoned Jenelle Evans is that lazy.

Through it all, talking to her three half-sisters, Summer Rewis just wants to be “best kind of mama” she can be to her son, Peyton. She means so well.

Before you know it, Summer calls D.J. into the bathroom to say her water broke, and he and his mom pack her up into the car and bring her to the hospital.

Along with D.J.'s mom, Summer’s mom and aunt arrive at the hospital to be by her side, even though they make her more anxious than anything else.

After 12 hours of being in labor, Summer loses it with frustration, nervousness, fatigue and fear. But she powers through and Peyton Daniel is born!

Unfortunately, just a few hours later, the hard part begins.

Little Peyton gets transported to a different hospital because the doctors notice that he is breathing too fast, and it turns out that he may need surgery.

In intensive care the doctors discover that Peyton had a bacterial infection, and he was forced to stay at the hospital and receive antibiotics for a week.

Finally, when he's allowed to go home, the first night at home with Peyton does not go well at all for them, and it's going to be a tough road head.

Summer quickly has trouble keeping up with her schoolwork and decides that she will have to drop out of school and get her GED once things calm down.

Later, Summer's mom gets arrested for writing bad checks and faces up to two years in prison. Clearly, this youngster has quite a lot on her plate.