16 and Pregnant Season 5 Episode 4 Recap: Meet Arianna!

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Monday night on 16 and Pregnant Season 5 Episode 4, youngsters Arianna and Maurice learned they are expecting a baby after dating for about a month!

You know how that goes.

Before long, Arianna and Maurice are broken up and fighting about money. Will they be able to put their differences aside for the sake of their son Aiden?

Yes and no.

Arianna on 16 and Pregnant

Early on, we learned that Arianna definitely needs Maurice’s financial help, because while she is pregnant she is living with her grandma in a tiny apartment.

Tiny as in they share a bed. However, Arianna does not want to live with her mom because she hates her new husband, or her dad, who abandoned them.

Not that Arianna isn't close with her mom Michelle, who had Arianna when she was 17, and isn't devastated about her girl's unplanned pregnancy.

She is a bit disappointed, though.

No one wants to see their children struggle, and Michelle is worried that having a baby this young means Arianna will be left struggling financially.

How right she is, depressingly.

Arianna reaches out to Maurice to discuss the baby’s needs and how he needs to be working and chipping in with medical bills and things for the baby etc.

Maurice does not get it.

Just six weeks before she is due, Arianna’s family and friends throw her a shower; Maurice and his family are a no-show, but he does make it to the birth.

Aiden Connor is born, and while Arianna and Maurice are both very happy that he has arrived, and nice to one another, that does not last long. At all.

It is really sad to see this one-day-old baby and a couple who cannot pull it together for his sake. Maurice, in particular, needs to step up to the plate.

Watching Arianna struggle with her newborn son is an equally sad - albeit more familiar to parents everywhere - sight. But it's got to be hard for a teenager.

Fortunately, by the end, Maurice does get a job and tries to help out more, physically and financially. Another argument is followed by a rare apology.

While Arianna and Maurice are still not back together, it looks like the trajectory is positive, as Maurice has shown he wants to be a father, romance aside.