Teen Mom Season 5 Episode 11 Recap: Jenelle Evans is PREGNANT! OMG!

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Jenelle Evans finds out she is pregnant again on Teen Mom Season 5 Episode 11. Of course, this comes as a surprise to no one now ... but congratulations!!

We think. You don't even need to watch Teen Mom 2 online to know that she's a bit of a mess, and despite making some progress remains a loose cannon.

Can she keep it together this time? And what other hardships are Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska coping with regarding kids and family?

Come along for our recap and let's find out, shall we?!

Jenelle Evans is pregnant by Nathan Griffith. We've known this for many months, but this episode marks the big reveal. No doubt, it is a joyous one.

Unlike the last pregnancy she aborted (sorry, Courtland Rogers), she is sure wants this one, and says it will bring her closer together with Nathan.

Not exactly a good reason to have one, but they're stoked. When he throws her up in the air and chants "We’re having a baby!" it is pretty sweet.

A sonogram shows the baby is healthy and happy inside Jenelle Evans' body. Now for the tough part. No, not the delivery. Telling Barbara Evans.

Tough cookie that she is, Babs airs her concerns right away that if Jenelle and Nathan don’t work out, she’ll end up taking care of a second baby.

Jenelle promises that no matter what, she wants to raise this one on her own, unlike Jace. Both she and her mom are hoping for a girl this time. Aww.

Later, she and Nathan discuss their relationship and how having a baby will affect it, and of course, this turns into an argument. It's a bit uncomfortable.

Jenelle tells Nathan that he tries too hard to be perfect; he tries to explain that he wants to be perfect. Well, yeah. That's typically how it works.

Think these two are on good enough footing to make this work?

The same could be asked of Jeremy Calvert and Leah Messer, whose three kids Ali, Aleeah, and Adalynn are pushing her to the brink while he's away.

She's worried about more than just that, too. Leah is apprehensive about the decision to let Ali be in a wheelchair so early, but sees she's happy.

Corey Simms, her ex, is still concerned that Ali’s health will deteriorate if she “gets used” to the wheelchair. He's coping with this better, though.

Leah vents to her mom and friends about Jeremy being away. Jeremy doesn’t call and stay in touch while he’s at work, and threatens to file for divorce.

Leah is devastated, but refuses to make the same mistake twice.

Also on Teen Mom Season 5 Episode 11, Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin bask in the afterglow of their wedding, while looking ahead to their future.

She says that she’s nervous about having a newborn. Mmm. No kidding.

When it's time for Isaac to go visit his dad, Jo Rivera, pregnant Kailyn can’t sit in the car for the two hour ride to Jo’s house, so Javi takes Isaac solo.

Awkward? No. Jo doesn’t seem bothered by Javi. Nor does his family.

Oh, and Kailyn's mom calls. She wants to stay with them for a while, but she doesn’t reveal why. Javi asks a bunch of questions Kailyn cannot answer.

After talking to Javi about it, Kailyn calls her mom and tells her that she can come and visit; her mom says she'll stay as long as she's needed.

Kailyn gets emotional, and seems really happy to hear her mom talk about taking a different route this time and trying to make amends for their past.

Finally, Chelsea Houska is served with court papers over Aubree‘s custody from her ex, Adam Lind. Dad Randy tells Chelsea he is going to get a lawyer.

Later, Chelsea meets up with friend Chelsey and admits that she hates this because she doesn’t like not having control in this battle with Adam.

Chelsea and Randy meet with their lawyer and reach an agreement where Aubree goes to Adam’s parents' every two weeks, which is when he can visit her.

If the visitation agreement goes smoothly for three months, they may have to go to court to come to a better agreement. Hey, at least he has to prove himself.

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