Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Reunion Recap: Jenelle Evans, Chelsea Houska Tell ALL

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On the back half of the Teen Mom 2 Season 5 reunion special, Jenelle Evans and Chelsea Houska were in the hot seat with Dr. Drew. What did we learn?

After a montage of clips you've all seen if you watch Teen Mom 2, Jenelle defends her increasingly turbulent relationship with boyfriend Nathan Griffith.

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Just because they love each other does not mean they are perfect, she says, a familiar strategy of pointing out the obvious, yet not the root of their issues.

Jenelle Evans reacts similarly to questions about her legal issues, saying simply, “When you’re young and stupid, you did young and stupid things.”

Profound stuff right there.

Asked why would they have another child when they already have kids by other people and neither one of them has custody, Jenelle had an interesting response.

“I think we can prove to everyone we can be good parents,” she explains, noting that Nathan is battling his ex for increased, daily visits with his daughter.

Dr. Drew gives her due credit, saying how proud he is of her for being in school and putting her life back together and making some positive changes.

Nathan and Jenelle's mom, the always-hilarious Barbara Evans, come on next and Babs is asked point blank if she thinks they're ready to have a kid.

Always blunt, Barbara admits she is not happy about the second child, and wishes Jenelle took some more time for herself before getting pregnant.

However, Barbara admits that she’s very proud of Jenelle because she’s come so far, and says she even likes Nathan, despite his lack of a paying job.

When Nathan claims that he and Jenelle support each other in every sense, Barbara is unmoved. She also worries about their fights and how Jace sees them.

Hey, she is who she is. Barbara can be strict, and even a little out of line herself, but she has helped Jenelle put her life back together and her daughter knows it.

Regarding Chelsea Houska, Dr. Drew jumps right in on Adam Lind.

Chelsea admits that it was scary when Adam filed for visitation rights, because she did not want to lose time with Aubree. Especially to this person.

She elaborates on why she wishes she had chosen a better father for her child, given that Adam has three DUI’s on his record and has been arrested 30 times.

Of course, she still bangs him periodically, including once while his current girlfriend, Taylor Halbur, was pregnant with his second daughter, Paislee.

Dr. Drew is shocked by this, as is everyone else.

Chelsea will sit there and bash Adam for being a bad boyfriend, bad father and bad person, then bone him behind his pregnant girlfriend's back?

Issues. Randy is not gonna be happy.

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Adam comes out and claims he's only been arrested 8-10 times (not 30), and says he’s sober, as his two year probation sentence requires this.

Adam admits that his cheating on Taylor was very difficult for their relationship, and he is trying to move forward without any interference from Chelsea.

They argue a lot about visitation. It's painful, even if Adam is trying to be more forthcoming than his usual monosyllabic responses on Teen Mom 2.

The often reckless Adam doesn’t have a license, he has a work permit. This means he can only drive to and from work, and nowhere else. Wow.

Chelsea’s dad Randy Houska comes out and praises Chelsea’s achievements in school and her new job as an aesthetician, as well as her independence.

Randy also says that Adam’s visitations are not unreasonable at all, but he is concerned about Aubree’s future with Adam because he is unstable.

When it’s Adam’s turn again, he immediately calls out Randy for bashing him online, which the elder Houska apparently does ... somewhat surprisingly.

He has no excuse for that, and Adam continues his rant about how everyone just focuses on his bad boy ways and not the strides he has made.

Of course, we would like to see more of those strides and not just him convincing us they exist, but what are you gonna do. That's Adam Lind for you.

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