Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 12 Recap: Who Gave Birth? Who Got Arrested (Wild Guess)?!

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Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 12 saw an awful lot happen for the fab four, including a baby's birth, a DUI arrest, a counseling session and a key visitation.

Intrigued yet? You can probably figure out whose baby was born, and who got busted, but come along as we break down those events and so much more:

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin are parents for the first time! Okay, the second time in her case, after she goes into labor in the middle of the night.

She let the cameras in for all 16 hours of labor, although they skip over Lincoln’s birth, so if you watch Teen Mom 2 online, don't expect to see that.

We do see Isaac's adorable reaction to the baby, though, which is great.

First the toddler argues with Kailyn that Lincoln is actually his baby, not hers, and then he tells his mom that Lincoln’s hair is “disgusting.” Kids. So honest.

Sadly, we learn that her mom begged for a chance to be there for Lincoln's birth, but never showed up. She has been drunk texting and calling at least.

Fortunately for Kailyn, she has a good husband and son who help her out, and a friend Peach who brings over pizza for the family. What a ... well, a peach.

Jenelle Evans, as we know, is pregnant with her second child as well. Unlike Kailyn, she does not have custody of her first born, though she is trying.

Mom Barbara Evans seems really excited that Jace is spending time with Jenelle and that she enrolled him in karate ... but she has issues with Nathan.

Jenelle's new man, Nathan Griffith, has been in her crosshairs since day one, and doesn't help matters when he gets arrested for DUI for the THIRD time.

The cops throw him on the ground in his own driveway in a surprising turn of events; Nathan spends the night in jail before Jenelle bails him out.

After he is released, they sit down to talk about how he needs to stay out of trouble, and focus on decorating their baby’s room to keep busy. Standard.

Jenelle and Barbara have it out over his latest arrest and his divorce (pending, as is hers with Courtland Rogers) and the tension is getting quite thick.

Nathan Griffith and Jenelle

For Leah Messer, meanwhile, the good news is that Jeremy Calvert is back from New Mexico. The bad news is he saw texts from Corey Simms on her phone.

He storms out of the house, but later returns and opens up about how upset he is that Corey is texting her and saying that he misses her and his family.

Leah explains that no matter what Corey sends her, she loves Jeremy, and she wishes he would go to counseling with her so they could open up more.

Finally, Jeremy agrees, and a good thing too. His career choice and its implications are very relevant and complex topics that they clearly need to talk through.

Later, Leah Messer admits to Corey that Jeremy has issues with her talking to him so much, and he says that it is hard for his wife, Miranda Simms, too.

Even though this is quite awkward for everyone involved, Leah and Corey are trying hard to talk to each other and to co-parenting their twin girls.

Can she, Corey and Jeremy find a way to co-exist that isn't filled with tension and weirdness? We'll have to stay tuned in that regard, but they're young.

Speaking of awkward ... Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind could not be more so at Aubree’s pre-school pageant. She does not help matters, to be sure.

Nevertheless, it's hard to blame her when Adam brings along his newborn daughter Paislee, who Aubree loves because she's a kid and totes innocent.

Adam, to his credit, comes over to say hi like a mature adult, and Chelsea’s mom Mary is very friendly, even appearing excited to see the guy somehow.

Chelsea just stands there basically. So odd. After the pageant, both Adam and Chelsea help Aubree make a snowman and argue about it throughout.

She is making progress at the salon, however, so that's good. She needs something to stay positive about giving this custody mess and her issues with Lind.

Mr. Responsible only showed up for a few hours at his own visitation (at his parents' house) and changed his phone number and refuses to give it to Chelsea.

Miss an episode? Want another look? Follow the link above to watch Teen Mom 2 Season 5 Episode 12, and scroll through our wildest Teen Mom moments ...

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