Teen Asks Netflix to the Prom, Netflix Says Yes, Has Best Time Ever

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How to become the coolest, most popular guy in your high school?

Ask Kate Upton to the prom. How to become the second coolest?

Ask Netflix ... and have the streaming company actually go!

Muthana Sweis, a 17-year-old from Chicago, asked Netflix via Twitter (seriously) if it would go with him to junior prom if his tweet got 1,000 retweets.

He got them. And Netflix obliged, posting on its official account: "We said yes! We’re third wheeling to #Prom2014 with @muthanasweis and his date!"

By "went to the prom," we mean Netflix sent a camera crew and gave Sweis some cool swag from iconic movies and TV shows, a tux, a car and a driver.

Sweis rocked James Bond's "Skyfall" tux and the 1950's Buick from Grease, with a Danny Zuko look-alike behind the wheel to escort him and his friends.

The teen also could have picked one of Don Draper's classic cards or Walt and Jesse's mobile meth lab from Breaking Bad ... how did he not pick that?!

Netflix cameras documented the company's prom date, which is cool in that most Netflix "dates" involve binge-watching TV or movies alone at home.

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