Selena Gomez Ends Feud with Kylie and Kendall Jenner Over Justin Bieber, Has "No Issue"

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Selena Gomez has ended her feud with Kylie and Kendall Jenner, according to a new report which comes on the heels of a number of salacious rumors.

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Earlier this month, the singer abruptly dumped the Keeping Up With the Kardashians stars on Instagram and in life, right after they had a blast at Coachella.

This sparked rumors that Kylie got a bit too close to her on-again, off-again beau Justin Bieber at the music festival, and that the Jenners were toxic influences.

"Selena felt that Kylie was flirting with Justin," a source says, adding that there may have even been some Kylie Jenner nude pic sexting action at play.

Another source says the incident occurred at a party at Bieber's pad.

"It got messy," says the Bieber insider. "Selena felt that the Jenner girls were flirting with Justin and his crew. She was really pissed and overreacted."

It's been over two weeks since the three ladies were photographed together in Indio, Calif., and Selena unfollowed everyone on social media out of the blue.

Now, all seems to be getting back to normal. Says a Gomez insider:

"Selena has no issues with the Jenner girls. They had an issue but they have cleared it up. She has always liked the Jenners. They had been fans of Selena since they were young."

They reportedly reconciled and cleared the air, though for what it's worth, Gomez, 21, has yet to add Kylie, 16, and Kendall, 18, back on the social site.

To Kylie and Kendall, despite Selena's good-girl image, she had it reversed; Kendall and Kylie don't use drugs or alcohol, while Gomez was out of control.

Despite the rumor that Bieber cheated with Kylie or was sexting with her, that was never proven and Gomez, by all accounts, has not been herself lately.

Whatever happened in the desert, tabloid sources say she immediately fled home and began severing all digital ties to the famous sisters after Coachella.

Meanwhile, another report surfaced earlier this week that claims Justin was spotted in NYC with Kendall Jenner, not Kylie. Clearly he hasn't cut ties.

This, of course, sparked speculation that Bieber has been intimate with both Jenner sisters ... which would likely be enough to push Selena over the edge.

Perhaps she shouldn't scroll through this gallery ... but you can!

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