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Perhaps she’s just swooning hard over the fact that Juan Pablo said “I love you” (allegedly), but Nikki Ferrell might be getting a bit carried away here.

The Bachelor winner has been pinning up a storm on a Pinterest board titled “My Someday Wedding.” Yup, she’s already planning her Big Day. Uh oh.

We’re likely reading too much into this, since Pinterest is so successful because it allows people to indulge in lifestyle fantasies of all kinds online,

Pretty much every 20-something female loves that site, and “someday” doesn’t imply that she’s holding her breath for Juan Pablo Galavis to propose.

At least we hope not.

If she is daydreaming about a wedding with Juan Pablo, she may want to cool her heels a bit, although what do we know really? They’re still together!


The whole world has been waiting for them to break up any second since the moment The Bachelor finale aired. Clearly, that has not taken place.

It was all but accepted that by the time The Bachelorette premiered, these two would be over. Now, with a month and a half to go, it’s … less clear!

Sure, there have been rumors – Juan Pablo getting Nikki Ferrell pregnant, him cheating on her with Lena Lowell – but they actually seem (gasp) happy.

We still doubt they’ll tie the knot and are all but certain that they’d never get married on ABC if that day did come, but we wish them all the best.

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