Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Divorce Shocker: Is This the End?

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According to a pair of new supermarket tabloids, a couple very famous Hollywood marriages are about to go kaput.

Life & Style alleges that it's all over for Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, while Star Magazine now claims Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are headed for a VERY expensive divorce.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman Divorce Cover

This cover story quotes a totally real insider as saying there's “tension” in the relationship because Urban and Kidman because both have “busy careers” that keep them far apart.

Urban also enjoys "apparent flirtations with other women," specifically Jennifer Lopez.

"Concerned friends whisper that this stressful period could spell the end of Keith and Nicole’s seven-year marriage," the insider says, making it clear these friends weren't whispering quietly enough.

Urban has been busy for months on American Idol and will go on tour this summer, a fact that does NOT sit well with his Oscar-winning wife.

"Nic is fuming, because she thought they were going to spend pretty much the rest of the year together, at their homes in Sydney and Nashville,” this source alleges, summing up Kidman as "devastated."

Just how strained in this marriage?

This non-fabricated quote makes it clear: "Keith and Nicole’s sex life has waned over the years. I wouldn’t be surprised if they hadn’t had sex in years!"

And because Kidman is worth $130 million and Urban $45 million, Star has determined that $175 million is at stake if these two split... pre-nupital agreements be damned!

"Friends worry about what might happen if [the couple] were to call it quits," the story concludes.

Good thing this story is totally made up then, huh?

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